Casino & Sportsbook Affiliate Wordpress Plugin Auto Ads

Check out Casino Affiliate WP Plugin and start monetizing your Wordpress site.

Enable ads with 1-click

Casino WP Plugin allows you to monetize your Wordpress site instantly. With 1-click you can enable popup ads, popover ads, banner ads, or customize your ad placements with a shortcode. Shortcodes allow you to create and launch ads with one line of code.

Casino and sports betting affiliate marketing is some of the most lucrative advertising you can offer. You can earn ~50% commissions on everything the customers you refer to the casino generate, forever. You can even negotiate to earn a referral fee just for sending them a lead, its up to you which model you prefer.

Casino affiliate programs can also allow you to choose how you want to be paid. You can get paid in cash, or a number of different cryptocurrencies, its up to you.

Getting Started with Casino Affiliate WP Plugin

First head to and download the plugin. Next, take the zip file you downloaded, and upload it on to your Wordpress website. Once the plugin is installed, you can start launching ads immediately. Open the new menu item "Casino Affiliate", and start enabling the ads you'd like to show. You can enable any combination of the auto ads which are popover ads, popup ads, and banner ads. These ads will automatically launch on your website just by checking the box, that's it! There's nothing else you need to do, you are now monetizing your website!

You can also insert ads into specific posts, pages or anywhere else, made easy with shortcodes. Visit the shortcodes tab to see how it works. All you need to do is add 1 line of code wherever you want the ad to appear, and you can cuztomize which ad is shown, the size of the ad, and which landing page the ad links to. Shortcode ads can be cuztomized with 4 different landing pages and about 30 different images for the ad creatives. This allows you to pick ads targetted to your customer demographic that appeal best to them and increase your click through rate, conversion rate, and ultimately how much you earn.

The last thing to do is create your affiliate account with Bona Fides. Visit their website and create your affiliate account in minutes. They will provide you with your affiliate ID you need to input into the plugin to make sure you get credit for all the ads. You can also see rich reports on all of the traffic you've referred to them, how much revenue it generated, and much more.

See below for an example of the rich reporting you get from Bona Fides. In realtime you'll see how your casino and sports betting auto ads are performing, and how much you are making. You'll also be able to adjust your payout schedule, how you'd like to be paid out, and in which currencies. They also offer a dedicated customer service representative you can negotiate with and get personalized service from to ensure you can generate the maximum amount of commissions possible with your traffic.

The fastest and easiest way to start monetizing your traffic is with Sports Betting & Casino Affiliate WP Plugin Auto Ads.

John Adams runs a portfolio of websites with over 1 million monthly views and monetizes exclusively with Caasino Affiliate WP Plugin Auto Ads.